Here is a set of book cover re-design projects. 
The World Without Us 
In a nutshell, this book visits how the natural world would reclaim itself without the influence of humanity. I wanted to capture the essence of this work in a single cover image. In order to do this, I brainstormed how I could represent the transformation of an obviously human-made construct into a natural object. The UPC/ bar code was the obvious choice to me, as I could also economize a space by utilizing a necessary element.
Red Storm Rising
This work by Tom Clancy imagines a theoretical scenario where the United States and Soviet Union fight a conflict in Western Europe. The book was written in the 1980's in the midst of the Cold War. As one of my favorite books, I thought that the cover should reflect the time period in which it takes place. 
I used the stark colors and images that are reminiscent of Soviet propaganda posters to convey the plot elements of the book. The font choices were also selected to reflect the same aesthetic. 
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